This is a filmography of all the films that Tex did for MGM. It's also a track listing for the laserdisc box set. If you're looking for a box set, drop me an email and I'll try to help! 

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 Blitz Wolf (8/22/42)

A wolf that resembles Hitler takes a crack at the three little pigs.

The Early Bird Dood It (8/29/42)

A worm tries to outmaneuver an early bird with aid from a cat.

Dumb-Hounded (3/20/43)

Droopy tracks down escaped convict Wolf. Is this the only cartoon where Droopy actually barked??

Red Hot Riding Hood (5/8/43)

Wolf tries to pull the old Red Riding Hood gag in order to meet up with Little Red, but Grandma has other ideas.

Who Killed Who? (6/19/43)

Avery spoofs a few murder mysteries.

One Hamís Family (8/14/43)

Wolf, dressed as Santa, tries to bag some ham but is outsmarted by Jr. Pig.

Whatís Buzziní Buzzard? (11/27/43)

Two buzzards are desperate to get a bite to eat.

Screwball Squirrel (4/1/44)

Screwy Squirrel beats the stuffing out of Sammy Squirrel then torments Meathead the Dog for the rest of the picture.

Batty Baseball (4/22/44)

Avery spoofs baseball. That guy in the stands should have just kept his mouth shut.

Happy-Go-Nutty (6/24/44)

Screwy Squirrel escapes from Moron Manor and torments Meathead some more.

Big Heel-Watha (10/21/44)

A big dumb Indian tries to capture Screwy Squirrel.

The Screwy Truant (1/13/45)

Screwy skips school and wreaks havoc on the truant officer.

The Shooting of Dan McGoo (3/3/45)

Wolf tries to kill Droopy, but Red quickly draws his attention.

Jerky Turkey (4/7/45)

A clever turkey eludes the pilgrims at Plymouth Rock.

Swing Shift Cinderella (8/25/45)

Wolf has eyes for Red, but someone has eyes for Wolf.

Wild and Wolfy (11/3/45)

Once again, Wolf tries to kidnap Red but Droopy is in the way.

Lonesome Lenny (3/9/46)

Screwy is adopted by Lenny the big dumb dog. This is the last Screwy Squirrel cartoon.

The Hick Chick (6/15/46)

A dumb cluck rooster tries to prevent a suave rooster from stealing the chicken of his dreams.

Northwest Hounded Police (8/3/46)

Droopy is once again in hot pursuit of escaped felon Wolf. If bug-eyed double takes is your thing, this is the only cartoon you will need to see.

Henpecked Hoboes (10/26/46)

A hungry George & Junior try to catch some chickens.

Hound Hunters (4/12/47)

George & Junior, the blundering duo, become dog catchers.

Red Hot Rangers (5/31/47)

George & Junior battle a pesky little flame.

Uncle Tomís Cabana (7/19/47)

The truth about Uncle Tomís Cabin. This is the first one of them Hollywood cartoon companies ever got the straight dope on this Uncle Tom stuff.

Slap Happy Lion (9/20/47)

The biggest, baddest lion in the jungle is put in his place by a mouse.

King Size Canary (12/6/47)

A hungry cat starts a Jumbo-Gro feeding frenzy that goes awry.

What Price Fleadom (3/20/48)

Homer falls in love with a female flea who lives on the back of a bulldog.

Little Tinker (5/15/48)

A little skunk will try anything to find a girlfriend.

Lucky Ducky (10/9/48)

A pesky little duck is too much for these two hunting dogs to handle.

Half-Pint Pygmy (8/7/48)

George & Junior hunt for the worldís smallest pygmy so they can claim the $10,000 reward.

The Cat That Hated People (11/20/48)

A cat that is fed up with people goes to the moon only to find out that people arenít so bad after all.

Bad Luck Blackie (1/22/49)

A kitten enlists the aid of a black cat who causes things like flower pots, safes, and battleships to fall on a bulldog that is tormenting him. This is my very favorite Tex Avery cartoon.

Senor Droopy (4/9/49)

Droopy and Wolf battle it out in a bullfight.

The House of Tomorrow (6/11/49)

The future home is demonstrated. Man, that sandwich maker rocks!

Doggone Tired (7/30/49)

Speedy is ready to go hunt rabbits, but can he get a good nights sleep so he can get up at 5 in the morning to blast that bunny?

Wags To Riches (8/13/49)

Spike stands to inherit millions of dollars if something should happen to Droopy.

Little Rural Riding Hood (9/17/49)

A city wolf tries to show his countrified cousin some culture by introducing him to a real Red Riding Hood.

Out-Foxed (11/5/49)

A clever British fox tries to outwit Droopy.

The Counterfeit Cat (12/24/49)

A cat tries to disguise himself as a dog in order to get to a canary.

Ventriloquist Cat (5/27/50)

A cat confuses a dog by throwing his voice. This one of my all time favorite.

The Cuckoo Clock (6/10/50)

A slightly crazed cat tries to kill the cuckoo in a clock.

Garden Gopher (9/30/50)

Spike is trying to bury his bones with no help from a pesky little gopher.

The Chump Champ (11/4/50)

Droopy and Spike compete for the title of "King of Sports". Not to mention a kiss from the "Queen of Sports".

The Peachy Cobbler (12/9/50)

A shoemaker gets a little help from some elves.

Cock-A-Doodle Dog (2/10/51)

Spike is having a little trouble sleeping thanks to a loud-beaked rooster. My favorite.

Daredevil Droopy (3/31/51)

Droopy and Spike compete to become the Daredevil Dog at a circus.

Droopyís Good Deed (5/5/31)

Droopy and Spike compete for the title of Best Scout, and a chance to meet the President.

Symphony In Slang (6/16/51)

Joe is having trouble getting his point across to the keeper of the Pearly Gates.

Car of Tomorrow (9/22/51)

The future of automobiles is displayed here.

Droopyís Double Trouble (11/17/51)

Spike wants a free meal, but Droopy and Drippy have him slightly confused.

Magical Maestro (2/9/52)

The Great Poochini in tormented by a magician who he had earlier rejected. Now this is a classic. If I had to choose a favorite, this would be it.

One Cabís Family (5/17/52)

Dad assumes Junior is going to grow up to be just like him; a taxi cab. But Junior has other ideas.

Rock-A-Bye-Bear (7/12/52)

Spike gets a job house sitting for a high-strung hibernating bear. All he has to do is keep it quiet. If I had to choose a favorite, it would definitely be this one.

Little Johnny Jet (4/18/53)

A WWII bomber is tired of seeing jets, but changes his mind when his son turns out to be a jet.

TV Of Tomorrow (6/6/53)

The future of television is reviewed here, although there is no mention of Dolby THX.

The Three Little Pups (12/26/53)

Snoopy, Loopy, and Droopy try to elude a low-key wolf dog catcher. If I had to choose a favorite, it would be this one.

Drag-A-Long Droopy (2/20/54)

Droopy and his sheep have to defend themselves against the Wolf and his cattle. This is my favorite by far.

Billy Boy (5/8/54)

Wolf inherits a very hungry little billy goat goat goat goat. This one is definitely my very favorite.

Homesteader Droopy (6/26/54)

Droopy must defend his new ranch against Dishonest Dan. My favorite by a long shot.

The Farm Of Tomorrow (9/18/54)

Check out the farm of the future.

The Flea Circus (11/6/54)

Poly-Itchy, the flea circus clown, will do anything to get attention from FiFi LaFlea.

Dixieland Droopy (12/4/54)

The story of Dixieland musician John Pettibone and Pee Wee Runt, the horn blowing flea. Together they make it to the Hollywood Bowl. If I have one favorite, itís this one.

Field and Scream (4/30/55)

We follow Ed on his fishing and hunting adventure.

The First Bad Man (9/30/55)

The story of the first bank robber and cattle rustler; Dinosaur Dan. If I had to choose one to be my favorite, this would be it.

Deputy Droopy (10/28/55)

Droopy must guard the safe from Slim and Shorty. This one is my favorite.

Cellbound (11/25/55)

Spike escapes from prison and ends up in the wardenís TV set. This is my favorite.

Millionaire Droopy (9/21/56)

Letterboxed remake of Wags to Riches.

Catís Meow (1/25/57)

Letterboxed remake of Ventriloquist Cat

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