About the Tex Avery Tribute Site

If you are a fan of Tex Avery, (if you’ve made it this far, you probably are!) I’m sure that you have noticed a serious lack of Avery information on the Internet. This is my little attempt to fix that problem. I have been a fan of Tex Avery for years, dating back at least until 1983 (Hey, those are my golden years! I’m only 30!) In fact, I remember as a young lad seeing cartoons such as ‘Bad Luck Blackie’, ‘Rock-A-Bye Bear’, and ‘Billy Boy’ I knew that there was something different about these particular cartoons. They were not like the usual cartoons of that day. Of course the Droopy and Spike cartoons also stick out in my mind. And who could forget the Wolf and Red-Hot Riding Hood? Keep in mind that I was only 10 years old or so and I had no idea that these cartoons were made during the 50’s. Not to mention the fact that I had no idea what a director or a producer or an animator was. I just knew that these cartoons had a particular quality to them. Fast forward a few years, The Cartoon Network starts showing cartoons in prime time. I happened to catch ‘Bad Luck Blackie’ and a whole slew of the other cartoons that I remembered as a child. They are still funnier than any modern cartoon (except possibly for Rocko’s Modern Life and the first 2 seasons of Ren & Stimpy), and slowly I began to realize that all of these cartoons that stuck in my head have one thing in common: Tex Avery was the director. From there I snatched up every piece of information I could find on The Man. But, there was nothing on the internet to speak of. Until now. As you explore this site, you will notice that my favorite Tex Avery period was from 1941-1954 when he was with MGM. This is by far his most creative and most imitated period of work.
So, please sit back and enjoy my little tribute to the genius of Tex Avery.

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